Rush Help to Missionaries on the Frontlines


Hundreds of frontline Cru missionaries are hurting as war, persecution, and skyrocketing costs of heating, fuel and food take its toll. 

Local giving is plummeting as former supporters cannot afford to provide for their own families — let alone someone else. And all this is hitting at the same time that spiritual hunger is soaring!

Seekers told Ukrainian missionaries: “Every day we face mortal dangers … it’s very important for us to hear God’s words of hope!” 

Now, faithful workers serving around Ukraine, the Middle East and beyond urgently need outside help to continue to tell hurting people about Jesus.

To help cover essentials like rent, food and heat, the average monthly support needed is $300. 

Will you help?

These missionaries may have to leave the mission field to find other work ... but just $10 per day helps cover their most critical needs.

Your gift today will encourage their hearts and fuel ministry in places where God is at work in special ways, despite the hurt. Perhaps you can give $50 for 5 days, $100 for 10, or even more! 

For every day you can give, more people have a chance to hear about Jesus from missionaries who speak their language, understand their culture and have a unique heart to reach them!

Thank you for your most generous gift to support missionaries in the hardest places and ensure they can continue to reap an extraordinary spiritual harvest. Thank you!

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